Bay Area Go Players Association An organization with a web page for promoting Go (primarily through tournaments) in the San Francisco Bay area.

San Francisco Go Club The oldest Go club in California.

Go Problems and instruction in French TactiGo Mac and Go webpage

Go at MSN Game Zone Another comparatively easy place to get started playing go, if you use a recent version of Internet Explorer with Microsoft Windows. If you use another operating system it probably won’t work. Pretty graphics, some better playing options than Yahoo, including the ability to record your games. This website allows you to solve, review, and submit go problems with a Java-capable browser.

Note: while easy to start using, the culture at Yahoo is a bit rough-and-tumble.

Kiseido Go Server is only slightly more difficult to start using, but it has easy-to-use features for teaching and more players who are willing to use those tools to teach newcomers.

Hikaru No Go Anime An English-dubbed anime version of “Hikaru No Go”, a serialized comic in the japanese “Shonen Jump” magazine, about a boy who encounters the ghost of an ancient Go master and begins to learn the game. The action focuses on the people and situations rather than how to play, but the Go that is shown is selected in consultation with a professional go player. Consider yourself warned that this comic is highly addictive.

Igowin David Fotland’s free Windows95 Go playing program lets you try the game at your own pace, and even estimates your playing strength. His (commercial) Many Faces of Go program supports multiple board sizes, records games, and offers playing advice that is useful while in the double-digit kyu levels.

The Interactive Way to Learn Go (Req. Java) A good interactive introduction for beginners who are too impatient to read Tel’s Go Web Pages.

Pandanet Internet Go Server The “Mother of All Go Servers” began operations in 1992. You’ll find up to 1500 players or more online at any time of the day or night. It’s a wild and woolly place where pros amuse themselves under assumed names, top Asian matches are mirrored in real time, and there’s always something exciting going on.

Sensei’s Library This website is an interactively developed repository (called a Wiki) of information about the game of Go. It includes discussions, articles, and links relating to Go.

Tel’s Go Web Pages. This is a really good site for beginners to read!